Topos Ferments was founded by Jim Bovino in 2017 with a mission to preserve the local and regional harvest using traditional methods that do not require heat, freezing or any additional energy input. Instead we utilize the energy of the microbes present on the vegetable and in the immediate environment to create a stable and delicious product. We never add heat or vinegar, but rely exclusively on the lacto-fermentation process to acidify and preserve the highest quality vegetables.  Feel free to contact us:


Topos Ferments owner Jim Bovino has a diverse background in food, sustainable agriculture and the arts. He was formerly Director of Fermentation at GYST Fermentation Bar, where he was responsible for creating the in-house and retail fermentation programs. He was also a founding partner of Keepsake Cidery, a small craft cidery based out of Dundas, MN, co-owned California Street Farm, a 1/2 acre urban farm in NE Minneapolis, and worked on a diversified blueberry farm on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Jim was part of the effort to legalize commercial urban agriculture in Minneapolis, working for passage of the Urban Ag Text Amendment, and serving as co-chair of the Land Access subcommittee for Homegrown Minneapolis. Prior to this, Jim was Managing Director of the Ritz Theater and co-Artistic Director of Flaneur Productions, a Minneapolis based performance company where he wrote, directed and performed in original work. He also co-produced the annual Heliotrope Festival of underground and underrepresented local music.